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Coffee and cloves

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To enjoy a delicious coffee and to wear the lovely coffee beans... To breathe in the fresh air and indulge in small everyday pleasures. Mmm, sometimes just a short moment can make you happy. What could be better than the smell of delicious coffee on a beautiful weekend morning? It is a moment to yourself to enjoy the calm and peace. The playful coffee beans in the jewellery will remind you of that. The scent of Christmas? For our designer Inita, it is cloves – in scented tea or mulled wine – and the festive scent of December is now with us in earrings too! In this collection you will find silver and bronze bracelets, silver earrings for women, bronze earrings with gold-plated hooks, bronze and silver necklaces, silver pins and silver dress studs for men. Jewellery is also available in red gold or yellow gold. Any of the silver jewellery can be ordered in gold. The jewellery of this collection is ideal as a gift for both women and men. It can be a gift for graduation, wedding day, anniversary, or any special occasion. Jewellery is a perfect gift to give to your loved ones. If you are questioning the size of your bracelet or ring, our size chart will help you.