Created with your thoughts or hands


Each ring order holds a special significance. We feel truly honored that you trust us with the creation of your most important piece of jewelry. From our hands to yours, these rings convey volumes about your values.

You have the unique opportunity to participate in the process and collaborate with our master craftsman to craft distinctive, one-of-a-kind rings. 

Ancient Latvian signs, a cultural heritage we take pride in, are woven into the jewelry that will accompany you every day. Choose from our designs or let us create rings incorporating the ancient signs of your preference.

The possibilities for ring designs are limitless—fingerprint patterns, heart rhythms, chisel textures, and the unique patterns of tree bark.

Our rings are crafted in sterling silver, different gold colors (yellow, red, or white), or combinations thereof.

For gold ring orders, you can use your own gold as payment for the material. The gold undergoes meticulous testing and refinement, allowing for the use of any gold color to achieve the desired hue.

Each ring is carefully inspected by the State Bureau for Precious Metals to check the quality of the materials, and stamps are stamped on each ring to indicate the material: 585 for gold, 925 for silver.

Feel free to visit our shops to choose from our ready-made models or to place orders for individual rings. Find us in Rīga Old Town, Grēcinieku 11, and in Sigulda, Castle complex.

Ieva Straupe - Lūse

+371 29295142