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Free across borders - birds

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FREE ACROSS THE BORDERS. While we were in #stayathome mode, much of what had been so familiar for years was cancelled – suddenly planes were no longer drawing cloud tails in the sky, travel plans were out of reach even by car. The only ones flying over the borders were migratory birds – a symbol of freedom and independence. This jewellery from designer Inita Straupe with stones picked from the seaside was made in memory of a favourite childhood activity – collecting stones by the seaside. They did not come from quarries; the sea has been polishing them for hundreds and thousands of years. Each stone is unique, each piece of jewellery in this collection is unique. The collection includes jewellery for women: silver earrings, bronze earrings with gold-plated hooks, silver and bronze pendants, bronze and silver necklaces, silver bracelets. Any of the silver jewellery can be ordered in gold. You will find the right gift for loved ones, friends, and family, and for yourself. Baltu Rotas can be a graduation gift, a birthday gift, or a piece of jewellery to wear on a special day. If you are questioning the size of your bracelet, our size chart will help you.