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Namejs – the most legendary ring, Latvians and our friends recognise each other in the world by this unique motif in jewellery. Legend has it that Namejs was a leader of the Semigallian tribes during the German crusader invasion in the early 13th century. He was one of the last fighters against the subjugation of the foreigners. During the battles, Namejs was forced to withdraw to Lithuania. Before he left for the foreign land, he gave his son his ring to recognise him on his return. The Germans heard of that and began looking for Namejs’ son. To protect the leader and his son, all the men and boys of Semigallia started wearing such ring. The collection includes jewellery for men and women: silver Namejs rings, silver Namejs earrings, silver Namejs bracelets and silver Namejs pendants, silver pins and even a Namejs woven fibula. Any of the silver jewellery can be ordered in gold. The jewellery of this collection is ideal as a gift for women and men. It can be a gift for graduation, wedding day, anniversary, or any special occasion. Jewellery is a perfect gift to give to your loved ones. Namejs rings can also be wedding rings. If you are questioning the size of your ring or bracelet, our size chart will help you.